Sip Smart! BC™ Lesson 3 contains 4 activities to further inform students about the potential impact of sugary drinks on our bodies: “bumping out” nutritious drinks (skipping rope activity), caffeine causing symptoms such as headache, irritability, and anxiety (role play activity), and contributing to damage to our teeth (start scientific experiment by hypothesizing what will happen to “teeth” immersed in various drinks). The Sip Smart! BC™ Drink Diary continues to be completed by individual students and analyzed at the class level, encouraging individual reflection and self-awareness.

Key Messages

  • The number and size of servings we drink affect the amount of sugar we consume.
  • Knowing what is in drinks helps us to make healthy choices.
  • Drinking sugary drinks “bumps out” nutritious drinks.
  • Some ingredients in sugary drinks other than sugar, such as acid and caffeine, may damage our teeth.


  • To discuss the implications of the Sip Smart! BC™ Drink Diary report.
  • To consider how drinking sugary drinks displaces healthy drinks.
  • To report how much caffeine is in drinks.
  • To consider the effects of caffeine on the body.
  • To connect dental health with healthy drink choices.
  • To follow the scientific method and report observations on the effect of acid on dental health.

Activities (please click to download individual activities)