Sip Smart! BC™ Lesson 5 contains 3 activities teachers can use to explore various factors that influence drink choices: practice making a decision to make a healthy drink choice in a student-directed role play, analyze of the media messages relayed in a typical advertisement or use marketing strategies to develop a group advertisement for water.

Key Messages

  • Drink choices can be influenced by various factors, including family, friends and the media.
  • We can decide for ourselves to make healthy drink choices
  • Drink water! – it’s always a great choice!


  • To discuss ways other people or the media can affect the drink choices made by individuals.
  • To recognize that students have the ability to make their own decisions about drink choices.
  • To analyze media messages to see how they influence students’ choices of sugary drinks.
  • To compare advertising messages with a drink’s ingredients list.
  • To have students formulate their own advertising messages about water.

Activities (please click to download individual activities)