This section provides copies of all 6 of the Teacher Resources used in the lessons in the Sip Smart! BC™ program as well as the Drink Diary Calculator.

Drink Diary Calculator

The number of sugar cubes listed for each of the drinks referenced in Sip Smart! BC™ materials is based on a standardized approach. Portion sizes were chosen from those most commonly consumed by elementary aged children in Grades 4-7. When there was a range of sugar content in a given drink (for example, between different brands of 100% orange juice) an average between at least three different most-commonly available brands was calculated. This method was used to determine the amount of sugar, and all other components of the drinks including calcium, vitamin D, caffeine, and the presence of artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours. The Drink Diary Calculator can be found here.

Teacher Resources

Click the links below for online access to individual Teacher Resources or download all the Teacher Resources together by clicking on the note to the right.

Individual downloads:

  1. Caffeine Symptoms
  2. Caffeine Scenario
  3. “Role” With It! Scenarios
  4. What Size Is Your Drink?
  5. How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?
  6. Sip Smart! BC™ Factsheet