Sip Smart! BC™ Lesson 4 contains 2 activities to encourage analysis of data collected through completion and reporting of 3 Drink Diaries and the “Tooth” Experiment. The experiential learning approach contributes to continued growth in knowledge and understanding about drinks and supports present and future healthy drink choices.

Key Messages

  • The number and size of servings we drink affect the amount of sugar we consume.
  • Knowing what’s in drinks helps us to make healthy choices.
  • Some ingredients in sugary drinks other than sugar, such as acid
    and caffeine, can damage our health.


  • To compare the results of the Sip Smart! BC™ Drink Diary from
    the start of the program to the present.
  • To discuss the results of the “Tooth” Experiment.
  • To recognize that acidic and sugary drinks may damage teeth.

Activities (please click to download individual activities)